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Precision Engineered Solutions
for Performance-Critical Applications

Leading manufacturers require suppliers that can design and manufacture components quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.


Expromet leverages the capabilities of its group of complementary advanced precision casting and machining businesses to deliver world-class engineering solutions to customers on a global basis.

Our businesses are market leaders in their respective fields and draw upon Expromet’s in-house technical expertise, extensive UK manufacturing capabilities, and global supply chain to find innovative solutions to the many complex engineering challenges that our customers face.

The group serves customers in the aerospace, defence, energy, industrial automation, medical and scientific, safety-critical equipment and transportation sectors as well as other performance-critical industries.


Solutions range from UK-manufactured investment, sand and gravity die castings to low-cost castings and forgings sourced from international supply chain partners.

We place engineering excellence, technological advancement and precision at the core of everything we do. Our vision for Expromet’s future is to continue development and investment in areas that bring additional technological and manufacturing advances to our customers, thereby creating a fully-integrated, leading-edge supplier of engineered solutions

Aerospace Driver

Industries we serve


Expromet group companies support the aerospace sector in a number of key areas, supplying machined-from-solid, forged and cast components for applications ranging from aircraft interiors to flight recording equipment.
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Industries we serve


Expromet has a rich history of supplying precision-engineered components to the defence industry. Our components are used across air, land and sea applications and operate in some of the most demanding environments.
Renewable Energy - Industries

Industries we serve


For many years, Expromet has supplied components to the oil and gas industry and is now expanding its reach into the renewable energy and vehicle electrification sectors.
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Industries we serve

Industrial Automation

Expromet supplies the industrial automation sector with components ranging from industrial safety interlocks to automated warehousing infrastructure parts.
Medical Industry

Industries we serve

Medical & Scientific

Expromet supports a wide range of applications within this sector including supplying components for analytical equipment and medical devices.
Safety Driver

Industries we serve

Safety-Critical Equipment

Expromet supplies the safety-critical sector with components ranging from explosion-proof electrical enclosures to detection and metering devices for industrial processes.
Rail Industry

Industries we serve


Expromet supports the transportation industry including performance automotive, commercial vehicle and rail sector applications.
Pump & Valve

Industries we serve

Pump and Valve

Expromet manufactures pump and valve components for a wide range of applications including for the oil and gas and chemical treatment industries.