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Expromet delivers global casting and machining sourcing solutions

Leading the way with expert advice and a range of manufacturing options

In a rapidly changing world, customers need the flexibility to source their cast and machined products from a range of locations to satisfy different requirements. Expromet Technologies Group makes it easy for customers to find the right casting and machining solution by providing a range of options and expert advice.

Made in Britain

Expromet businesses are market leaders in their respective fields and offer extensive UK casting, machining and fabrication capabilities:

  • Investacast is one of the leading suppliers of investment castings in the UK, with a manufacturing base in Devon
  • Haworth Castings specialises in fully-finished aluminium sand and gravity die castings from two production facilities in Hampshire
  • Metaltech Precision offers high quality precision CNC machined components and fabrications from its state-of-the-art facilities in Somerset.

Global supply chain

Expromet also has an extensive global supply chain, enabling each of the Group companies to help customers source high quality castings products from a range of international manufacturing partners.

Customers may opt to outsource their requirements for a range of reasons, such as leveraging lower labour costs and greater economies of scale. Haworth Castings, Investacast and Metaltech Precision each provide clear advice and guidance on the relative benefits of overseas manufacture for specific types of products.

Turnkey solutions to engineering challenges

Where outsourcing supply is the best solution, Expromet Technologies Group companies will provide a turnkey solution, taking ownership of technical development, logistics and relationship management to deliver a fully integrated service to the customer.

Expromet is proud of its skilled workforce across all three businesses, and continues to expand its capacity to deliver world-class casting and machining solutions both within the UK and overseas.

As a leading group of advanced precision casting and machining businesses we understand the need to manufacture quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards,” says Expromet CEO Alistair Schofield. “Our customers know we will help them find the best solution for manufacturing their casting products, be it local manufacturing or international sourcing, and know they can trust us to deliver.

To take advantage of Expromet’s UK manufacturing capabilities and global supply chain contact us on + 44 (0) 1271 866200 or email [email protected].

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